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WADECO is primarily a dynamic, high-technology based company specializing in designing and manufacturing of microwave sensors for industrial use. WADECO also is a manufacturer of factory automation and control devices for the wire-making industry. Our mission is to supply high quality sensor solutions for the world. Our products reflect our wide knowledge, experience and unique ideas.

Because we focus on niche markets, where often the solution is a difficult one, we can offer more than larger goff the shelfh suppliers. As a company we pride ourselves in being able to modify, tailor or develop a product to our customer's individual requirements. We are able to design sensor installations according to the exact on-site conditions and are dedicated to meeting the individual requirements that our customers demand.

With its many inherent positive features, microwave technology offers the potential to help solve today's existing problems in many areas of industry. WADECO sensors are used today detecting solids flow, open pile height detection, chute blockage detection, ghot striph detection in steel rolling mills, collision avoidance on cranes, rail and quenching cars, and levels in dry bulk hoppers, garbage bins and incinerators, liquid storage tanks, liquid iron in torpedo cars, and liquid steel in BOF, at the top of blast furnaces, and level sensing in CDQ coke making, to name a few. If you have a sensing problem that needs a reliable solution we will solve it.

Company name WADECO CO., LTD.
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