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Microwave Sensor Applications

For Ironworks - COKE OVEN・CDQ

Coke Oven Level Sensor (MWS-24RF-CH)

Coke productivity improved, unaffected by heat, flames or vapor.

Coke Oven Level Sensor (MWS-24RF-CH)

Coke Oven Level Sensor [With Reflector]

For use with a screw-type feeding charging car.

Coke Oven Level Sensor [With Reflector] (MWS-24RF-CH)

Coke Oven Profile Measurement Purpose:
Optimization of Coke Oven Operation

The MWS-24RF-CH Range Finder measures the profile of the hot coke surface as it is pushed out of the furnace. The Range Finder can be installed on the door opening car as well.

Coke Oven Profile Measurement Purpose: Optimization of Coke Oven Operation

Coke Oven Profile Sensor

The MWS-24RF-CH type Range Finder has been developed specifically for measuring the profile of the coke level as it passes through the guide car. The system is installed on the guide car and continuously measures the coke level as the coke is pushed through the guide car.


Pusher/Door-Opening Car-Interlocking System for Coke Oven Sensor (MWS-ST/SR-PG)

The Pusher/Door Opening Car Interlocking Sensor System consists of a high powered transmitter and a high amplified receiver.

Pusher/Door Opening Car-inter Locking System for Coke Oven (MWS-ST/SR-PG)

Proximity Detection System for Quenching Cars

The sensors are equipped on the quenching cars in order to detect the distance between cars, allowing for crewless operation. The master control system uses the distance measurements to synchronize the cars activity. This system has reduced costs and greatly improved efficiencies for the customer.

Crash Avoidance on Coke Oven Quenching Cars

Refractory Thickness Measurement (MWS-YRF-2RT)

MWS-YRF-2RT type Micro Ranger is developed for refractory thickness measurement. The unit consists of a controller, antenna, and guide pipe.
The system measures the thickness of the refractory by means of taking the difference of the measurement between the surface and base of the refractory from the antenna.
The measurement can be done simply and accurately due to the nature of the microwaves.

Refractory Thickness Measurement (MWS-YRF-2RT)

CDQ Level Sensor (MWS-24RF-CDQ)

MWS-24RF-CDQ CDQ Level Sensor is a FMCW type Microwave Level Meter that consists of an antenna and controller designed for measuring the level of coke in the CDQ.

CDQ Level Sensor (MWS-24RF-CDQ)

Coke Dry Quenching Level Sensor
[Horizontally Mounted Type] (MWS-24RF-CDQ-R)

The sensor is installed in the side of the CDQ and is used for monitoring the level, and extends the life of CDQ by controlling the level constantly. The small antenna size allows it to be installed with 100A size pipe and also to be installed horizontally in the side of the CDQ wall.

Coke Dry Quenching Level Sensor (Horizontally Mounted Type) MWS-24RF-CDQ-R