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Microwave Sensor Applications

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Microwave Barrier Type HMD for Hot or Cold Steel Detection

MWS-ST/SR-2WG Micro-Gunn is the next generation in Hot Metal Detectors: developed as a replacement for infrared hot metal detectors (HMD), laser/optical barriers and gamma ray sensors for product tracking in steel mills.


Level Measurement of High Temperature Liquid Salt

Hot steel coil is passed through a cooling bath containing hyper-saline water. The Range Finder is used to control the level of the bath. The high temperature of the liquid and surrounding area makes measurement difficult for other measuring devices.
However, the Range Finder utilizes a guide pipe/waveguide and a reflector to locate the electronics away from the high temperature area - allowing simple installation without special cooling.


Ladle Freeboard Measurement - Secondary Processes

Freeboard measurement in the Ladle at the Desulphurization facility, or other secondary steel making processes.
This allows the position of the inert gas stirring lance to be optimized: thus maximizing efficiency of blow and minimizing error in flux/alloy additions.


Scrap Level Measurement in Cupola (Induction Furnace)

Range Finder continuously measures the level of scrap inside the Cupola to control the supply into the furnace, effectively maximizing operating efficiency.