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Lance-type Blast Furnace 3D Profile Meter MWS-BF-3DL PAT.


The Wadeco MWS-BF-3DL Milli-Scanner is a combination of a machanical scanning system and high-speed rangefinder which can be used to display both a 3D surface map after every charge or a 2D stockline profile after every feeder rotation.

The size of the installation hole in the blast furnace is reduced, allowing for measurement of either the 3D surface or 2D stockline!



3D surface map and its sectional profiles at selectable angles for every charge.

The descending speed can be measured at selectable angles from the 3D map measurement.

2D profile measurement for every feeder rotation when 2D mode is selected. (PAT.)

Compact, simple design results in easy maintenance

The installation hole can be made small (lance φ350A).

Non-intrusive, fixed installation prevents interferrence with the feeder and allows for a small installation space.

With a valve, the profile meter is separated from the inside of the blast furnace.

Maximum distance measurement of 15m.

Special filter for elimination of unwanted signals (chattering, obstructions inside the blast furnace) (option).