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Microwave Sensor Applications

Microwave Barrier Type HMD for Hot or Cold Steel Detection


MWS-ST/SR-2WG Micro-Gunn is the next generation in Hot Metal Detectors: developed as a replacement for infrared hot metal detectors (HMD), laser/optical barriers and gamma ray sensors for product tracking in steel mills.

Installation Examples

Rangefinder Type (MWS-MT-1)

The MWS-MT-1 type Micro-Tracker has been developed for product tracking in the hot line process. The unit consists of a controller, antenna, and reflector.
The MWS-MT-1 is an FM | CW method range finder.
The MWS-MT-1 emits microwaves towards the reflect object in order to measure the reflection from it.
When a slab interrupts the beam between the antenna and the reflect object, the reflection will not be received resulting in the slab presence signal being output.

Installation Example

  • Continuouse Casting and Rolling Mills
  • Annealing Furnace
  • Steel Plate Mill (Hot Leveler), Hot Strip Mill, Cold Strip Mill

Rangefinder Type

Rangefinder Type

Rangefinder Type

Rangefinder Type

Compact Type (MWS-STSR-2WG-R)

MWS-ST/SR-2WG-R Micro-Reflex consists of a pair of transmitting and receiving antennas, connected to separate controllers by circular waveguide tubing.
The antennas, which are unaffected by heat, are installed in the high temperature zone, while the controllers are located in normal room temperature areas. The detection signal outputs when the microwave beam is reflected by the slab/strip into the receiving antenna.

Installation Example

  • Continuouse Casting and Rolling Mills
  • Annealing Furnace
  • Steel Plate Mill, Hot Strip Mill, Cold Strip Mill

Face-to-Face - Angled Installation

The sensors are mounted on an angle in order to maximize beam blockage. This type of installation is preferable for detection of thin product such as plate. Mounting on an angle also allows the antennas to be installed at a greater distance from the product to be detected.
A 45º angle with the beam axis crossing the center of the strip provides maximum beam blockage.

Face to Face - Horizontal Installation

This type of installation is only suitable for the detection 'thick' product such as slab and coil. The antennas should be mounted as close to the product as possible to maximize beam blockage.

45º Reflector Installation

This type installation is suitable for applications where both the transmitter and receiver must be located on the same side of the roll table.

Heavy Duty guide pipe installation

This type of installation is suitable for detecting slab in the sizing mill where heavy vapor and vibration shock is present. The heavy duty guide pipe provides mechanical protection for vibration and shock. (Sizing Machine)

Applications In Steel Mills

Continuous Casting

Detection of slab

Detection for positioning in front of deburring and marking machine


Reheat Furnace

Slab positioning

Detection of slab at entry to reheat furnace

Detection of slab within the reheat furnace

Hot product tracking


Hot Strip Mill - Plate Mill - Cold Rolling Mill

Hot strip tracking

Head/tail detection for cropping control

Coil detection