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Product Tracking Sensor

Product Tracking For The Steel Industry MICRO-GUNN MWS-ST/SR-2WG



MWS-ST/SR-2WG Micro-Gunn consists of a pair of transmitting and receiving antennas, connected to separate controllers by circular waveguide tubing. The antennas, which are unaffected by heat, are installed in the high temperature zone, while the controllers are located in normal room temperature areas. The detection signal outputs with the interruption of the rotary microwave beam between the two antennas.
This is the first high temperature rotary microwave sensor ever developed. This maintenance free model operates perfectly in high vapor areas, whereas lasers will not. With a high degree of precision (repeatability), Micro-Gunn provides an economical and reliable solution for Product Tracking.



• Increased operating range

The operating distance is three times that of the conventional model and the maximum waveguide length is increased.

• Rotary microwaves elimate false detection

When rotary microwaves are reflected off an object their direction of rotation is reversed. The receiver is tuned to reject spurious reflections according to their rotation. False actuation caused by reflected waves is thus eliminated.

• Unaffected by adverse environments

This sensor is unaffected by heat, flames, airborne particles or vapor.

• Simple beam alignment

Easy initial beam alignment at installation, due to the wide beam angle.

• Selectable detection mode

Either broken beam (BLOCK) or unbroken beam (UNBLOCK) detection method may be selected.

• No set-to-set interference

Four channels are available, selectable by rotary switch. This permits the use of multiple units in close proximity to each other.

• Power level & sensitivity indicators

The received power level and the sensitivity-set-point are indicated on the receiver by a bank of 15 LEDs, allowing for easy adjustment and maintenance of the sensors.

• Analog Output (optional)

The receiving power level is output as an analog current (4mA~20mA). This allows detection of very small changes in receiving power, useful for detection of bar and billet where the change in receiving power is sometimes insufficient to activate the relay.
It also performs as a self-diagnostic function; constant monitoring of the receiving power level ensures early detection of any malfunction of the sensor.

• Inspection window (optional)

The received power level and the sensitivity-set-point are easily seen, without removing the controller cover.

• Solid state output

Highly reliable solid state output relay minimizes mechanical failure.

• Enclosure rating IP65 equivalent


Type Transmitter Controller : MWS-ST-2WG
Receiver Controller : MWS-SR-2WG
Antenna :
     WG-6N (Without cover)
     WG-6C (Ceramic cover)
     WG-6T (Teflon cover)
Power Supply AC100~120V or AC200~240V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Transmitter Controller : 2VA, Receiver controller : 2VA
Operating range Without waveguide : <80m
With waveguide : <10m (varies)
Frequency and Transmission power 24GHz approx. Less than 10mW