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Microwave Sensors

WADECO is internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance Microwave Sensors for industry.

WADECO's sensors are engineered to solve many problems that are normally impossible for other technologies. As pioneers in our field, our advanced engineering techniques and innovative ideas have kept us on the cutting edge.

Our robust sensors will operate perfectly under the most adverse circumstances; increasing efficiency and reducing both labor and maintenance costs.

As the demand for reliable, efficient and low maintenance technologies continues to increase, WADECO's microwave sensors are rapidly replacing the outdated methods of the past.

FMCW Radar Continuous
Level Sensor

FMCW Radar Continuous Level Sensor

WADECO's FM-CW Radar is best suited for difficult applications in the Iron and Steel making industry, such as Blast Furnace burden measurement, Torpedo Car level measurement whilst tapping, BOF bath level, freeboard in hot metal ladles, coal level in the Coke Oven, coke level in CDQ, crash avoidance systems for Quenching Cars and more. Other applications include level measurement in all types of furnaces such as municipal, industrial and nuclear waste disposal facilities, fusion furnaces and reactors.

Single Point
Level Sensor

Single Point Level Sensor

WADECO's range of Microwave Level Switches are non-contact microwave level sensors for single point level detection of solid and liquid materials in all manner of containers, tanks, vessels, chutes, silos, bunkers and sumps. Main industries served include mining, agricultural, cement, iron and steel, manufacturing, municipal facilities such as waste disposal, water/sewage treatment and power utilities.

Solids Flow

Solids Flow Sensor

WADECO's Solid Flow Sensor utilizes the Doppler Effect for detecting movement of solid materials. This non-contact flow sensor is ideal for monitoring flow/no flow in pipelines, ducts, bucket elevators and conveyers. Main industries served include mining, agricultural, cement, iron and steel, manufacturing and power utilities.

Edge Detection / Product Tracking Sensor

Edge Detection / Product Tracking Sensor

WADECO's Micro wave Barrier has been designed for detection of hot/cold product in Steel Mills. Applications include slab detection in continuous casting lines, positioning at entry/exit to the reheat furnace, product detection in rolling mills, stop position control and detection of coil. Unaffected by high temperature, product temperature variation, heavy steam, vapor or dust, this sensor offers many advantages over conventional sensors such as lasers, infrared and gamma rays.

Microwave Sensor for Crane Proximity Detection

Microwave Sensor for Crane Proximity Detection

This sensor has been developed as an early warning sensor for preventing collision of over head cranes running on the same rails.

High Temperature
Extension Kits

High Temperature Extension Kits

The EK extension kit can be combined with either our face-to-face level switches or Doppler flow sensor for high-temperature applications. The flange size and waveguide length can be selected by the customer. Used for waste disposal furnaces.

PCI Flow Meter

PCI Flow Meter

The use of microwaves allows for stable measurement of the PCI flow!