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Solids Flow Sensor

Microwave Solids Flow Sensor MWS-DP-3


MWS-DP-3 is a microwave based non-contact solids flow sensor. It utilizes the Doppler Effect to detect the movement of solid materials such as powders and granules in pneumatic pipelines. This low cost, reliable sensor is ideal for monitoring the flow of bulk solids in vacuum pipelines, ducts, air slides, gravity chutes, feeders and at transfer points in vibrating chutes, conveyer belts and bucket elevators.



Non-contact & non-invasive

The Doppler Effect of microwaves allows for non-contact flow detection. Thanks to the high penetrability of microwaves, noninvasive detection through non-conductive pipes (plastic, ceramic, glass etc.) is possible.

No moving parts

The flow sensor has no moving mechanical parts. This eliminates wear on the sensor and ensures years of maintenance free operation.

Minimally affected by nonconductive buildup on the sensing head

Microwaves are able to penetrate nonconductive buildup on the sensing head or the wall of the container/pipe.

Low cost & low maintenance

This low cost microwave flow sensor is an ideal replacement for reed or flapper switches as there is no need for periodical cleaning or replacement.

Lightweight, compact, simple to install & operate


Detecting method
Utilizes the Doppler Principle for detecting moving material
Power supply
AC100 ~ 120V or AC200 ~ 240V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Operating distance
Up to 1.5m (Depending on material)
Frequency/Transmitting power
Approx. 24GHz, less than 10mW