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Solids Flow Sensor

Microwave Solids Flow Sensor MWS-DP-3-24V


The MWS-DP-3-24V Microwave Solids Flow Sensor detects moving solids utilizing microwave high penetrability and the Doppler effect.
The sensing head transmits microwaves toward the target material.
A portion of the microwaves are reflected back to the sensing head and analysed as to whether they are from a moving or stationary object.
The highly-penetrable microwave passes through a buildup on the head and even through pipe made of non-conducting materials such as plastics.
It is best suited for detecting such materials as powders, granules, etc, moving through a vacuum pipeline.



High penetration

Easily penetrates process buildup on antenna, firebrick, refractory etc.,

The sensor can be installed on the exterior of a plastic or ceramic pipe and detect the flow of the material in the pipe.

Non-intrusive installation

Mounted flush, no intrusion or damage to material flow.

Equipped with a filter for screening unnecessary incoming Doppler signals

This function eliminates unnecessary incoming Doppler signals such as, signals from a vibrating pipe or conveyer and improves the S/N ratio.

This enables the sensor to be used in places where previously, non-contact flow detection was hardly possible.

Equipped with a sensitivity margin indicator

The received power level and the sensitivity set point are indicated on the sensor allowing for easy visual adjustment and maintenance of the sensor.

The indicator clearly displays the advantage of the filter screening effect.

Equipped with an alarm output

Microwave circuit failure and rising temperature can be detected and output.

Selectable detection mode

Either flow or Non-flow detection mode may be selected.

Equipped with a test button

LED indicators indicate microwave circuit status and internal temperature when the test button is pushed.

Equipped with a Doppler signal incoming indicator

An LED indicator turns on when the Doppler signal is received.

Flow and non-flow conditions are clearly displayed.

Analog output (Optional)

The Doppler signal receiving power is output as an analog current (4mA~20mA).


Detecting method
Utilizes the Doppler Principle for detecting moving material
Power supply
Power consumption
Operating distance
Up to 1.5m (Depending on material)
Frequency/Transmitting power
Approx. 24GHz, less than 10mW